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All of our products are made using fresh, locally sourced ingredients of the highest quality. Everything is prepared in-house with love and care by our team including the pastry which is made using spelt flour, rapeseed oil and a dash of Cork’s finest seaweed to give an extra nutritional benefit.

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Goodness Me…

Filled pastries are well known all over the world. They can be called empanadas, pierogi, samosas, pitas or pasties, and whatever the language, translates to ‘little parcels of loveliness’.  Ireland now have their own…

Goodness Me filled pastries are tasty & hearty parcels filled with delicious, healthy fillings. The company is run by friends Karin Grace and Jayne Curtin, with the help of Jayne’s husband Billy.

Located on the tip of the Beara peninsula in Allihies, West Cork, the scenery is second to none and is one of the wildest and most beautiful places located on the Wild Atlantic Way.

Cornish miners came to Beara in West Cork 200 years ago to work in the Copper Mines in Allihies. They had found an ingenious way of bringing their dinners to work by wrapping them in a pastry casing, an edible lunch box so to speak. Intrigued by this concept we went about creating our savoury pastries with a modern twist and so Goodness Me was born.


Doing Our Part

In this day and age it has become apparent that intensive farming methods used to meet demands in meat consumption is contributing to climate change. 
For this reason and more, people are looking to reduce the amount of meat and other animal derived products that they use.

At Goodness Me, we produce Vegan and Vegetarian products that are both rich in nutrients and delicious at the same time. Our pastries tick all the boxes when it comes to being environmentally aware as we have deliberately stayed away from plastic wrapping and all our boxes are 100% recyclable.

Let’s Work Together!

If you would like to stock Goodness Me pastries in your store, please get in touch with us today.